~ Vintage Images from the Early Twentieth Century of the Polish Immigrant Community of Worcester, Massachusetts ~

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Cute Trio (Mystery Photo #19) - Mystery Monday

(Digital Image. Photograph Privately Held By Cynthia Shenette; Text Copyright (c) 2013 Cynthia Shenette.)  Aren't they cute?  I wonder who they are.  These children were probably the children of members of Worcester's Polish community.  Look at the fancy clothing!  Are they wearing their Easter best?  Clearly they look like they are dressed up for some sort of special occasion.  My grandmother, Antonina (Bulak) Szerejko (1896-1990) was a seamstress.  I've seen other formal wear that she made with the same kind of point design as the little girl has in her dress.  I'm not certain, but my guess is my grandmother may have made the clothing that  the children are wearing in the photograph.  The photo was probably taken around 1920. Unfortunately there isn't any photographer information on the photograph itself.  The original is on a postcard backing.

If you recognize any of these little cuties I'd love to hear from you!